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Cruiser, Longboard or Street : Find the board you need

Cruiser, Longboard or Street : Find the board you need
When you start skating but do not know much about it, skateboard can be difficult to find your way around. To help you find the board you need, here are some useful tips to understand the different kinds of boards and what they are made for!


As self-explanatory, these skateboards are made for cruising and perfect to move around the city for example. Most cruisers have an oldschool shape: some of them are made for bowls and ramps while others are made to cruise. If you’re looking to ride your skateboard for transportation purposes, a cruiser is a good option. They are maneuverable thanks to their thicker deck and perfect to roll in the streets with their larger and softer wheels


The longboard is a long and stable skateboard shaped for casual cruising on the boardwalk and long-distance rides. They're a good option for beginners because of their large riding platform that makes it easy to learn how to balance. There are several types of longboards for different purposes, Impala longboards are made to cruise.


The « classic » or « street » skateboards are made for tricks in skate park, half pipe, bowl or for street obstacles. Sizing is important here and it is primordial to choose the one that will fit your needs.
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