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What Is Roller Skating?

Roller skating is a gliding sport on four-wheel rollerskates. From the 60’s to late 80’s, roller skates became famous especially in the roller-disco community. The roller skates with four wheels, commonly called quad skates for women, men and kids, managed to thrive until the launch of inline skates in the early 90’s.
Nowadays, vintage roller skates are back, especially thanks to their retro style and the nostalgia they bring back. They are subject to many collaborations with world famous artists and celebrities: Karl Lagerfeld or Marawa roller skates can testify.

Who’s Roller Skating For & What For?

Roller skating is usually practiced as either a hobby or a sport. In both ways, it is a gender-neutral activity for all ages. Freestyle, dancing, or roller derby, you’ll find many ways to ride your skates. It is an excellent sport to work on your balance. You can also strengthen your muscles or lose weight thanks to fitness roller skating. Roller skating is perfect to do sport and enjoy yourself whether you’re alone or with friends and family!


How To Choose Your Roller Skates?

First, you need to know your level and what practice you’re willing to use your roller skates for. Impala offers a wide range of complete roller skates for beginners and intermediate skaters. They can be used for a ride as a recreational, freestyle or dancing. Roller skates are made of a 4cm heeled boot (except Marawa High Heel Skates) with an aluminum baseplate and 4 wheels. The front of the skate has a PU pad used as a stopper. Most of roller skates parts can be replaced; therefore, you can customize them as you wish. Our evolutive roller skates will allow you to progress at your own pace and will be your best allies either indoor or outdoor. You’ll love them


How To Begin With Roller Skates?

Roller skating is quite different than inline skating (rollerblades with aligned wheels).

To begin at roller skating, you first need to be relaxed. Keep the top of your body straight and do not shake arms. Bend your knees inward (V shaped); the more you bend them the more you’ll keep your gravity center low and keep your balance.

To move forward, take small steps forward by transferring your weight from one foot to another and keeping your feet parallel. Weight transfer must occur when you feel like slowing down; it gives you speed to move forward.

To slow down and stop, keep your balance on one foot and let the other one drag behind, toes to the ground, to use the PU stopper at the front of the boot. Do it gently to slow down until full stop. The T-brake method is another way to stop. As before, keep your balance on one foot. Gently put your second foot behind the other, in perpendicular (T shaped), and let it grind on the ground (especially the two inside wheels). This will slow you down until full stop.

To turn, look far away in the direction you want to turn. Move your inside foot forward, in direction of the turn, and let the other one follow even if it remains at the back at first. Bring it back in parallel if it stays too far behind. This will allow you to keep your direction. Don’t forget to move your shoulders in the same direction and look far away to keep your balance. It is like riding a bicycle, the look is very important. It would be tempting to look at your beautiful Impala roller skates but keep looking further…

It is essential to be protected when roller skating. Helmet, elbow pads, knee pads, and wrist guards are highly recommended! Browse our protective sets here


Impala Roller Skates

 At Impala, we do our best to use vegan-friendly materials. Our goal is to gather, encourage and celebrate the roller skate community and its diversity, in all walks of life. Come and ride with us for a journey you’ll never forget! Everything you need to ride as you wish.