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Impala Skate Diaries ✨ Meet Giana

Impala Skate Diaries ✨ Meet Giana

Fresh to the skating world and an emerging talent in music, Giana exudes a confidence that’s magnetic. We were drawn to her infectious enthusiasm and just had to learn more about her evolving story…

Giana, can you share the moment you first fell in love with roller skating? How long have you been skating for?
Until now, I have been roller skating for about 7 months. I remember when I first started, I fell many times. It was difficult for me to stay balanced on my roller skates back then, but now I'm used to it and am still learning new tricks.

We LOVE your song YÊU ĐẬM ÂM ĐIỆU and the video clip is incredible! Can you tell us the story behind this song, what was your inspiration?
Thank you for enjoying my music video. I would say this is my BEGINNING about the story behind this work. YÊU ĐẬM ÂM ĐIỆU is my debut song in my music career. I am passionate about music and love sports, so I decided to combine these two things to create a unique characteristic and image for myself in music. When I first brought roller skates to perform on stage, it was a big challenge for me. However, I was relieved that I made it after only 2 months of hard practice. I hope that my debut MV YÊU ĐẬM ÂM ĐIỆU can spread widely and that I can inspire everyone to try roller skating.

We might’ve noticed you’re a pretty big Impala fan. What was your first pair of Impala skates?
My first pair of Impala skates were Holographic. The colour was the first thing that caught my eye, and the comfort was a huge help in my early days. As you might’ve noticed, I often wear these skates in my debut MV, on stage, and in some photoshoots as well.

If you could skate and perform anywhere in the world, where would it be?
For me, anywhere can be my stage. As long as the place is suitable for me to roll, I am willing to perform there, from bustling cities to peaceful countryside. Music has no limit, so bringing music and inspiring more people to roller skate is a big dream of mine.

Do you have a favorite song or playlist you listen to on repeat while you skate around town?
Giana's Playlist: I also listen to my songs, even though I only have two songs on the list for now. ^^

Can you please share your top advice for beginner skaters just starting?
My advice is to enjoy roller skating naturally, and comfortably, and be patient. We cannot avoid painful falls and bruises, but once you overcome those difficulties, you will be addicted to this sport. Roller skating also helps you keep fit and become healthier. So, keep doing it!