Impala blog 17 August 2022 1 min read

Impala x Little Festival

Impala x Little Festival
After a few years off, the Little Festival was back in Hossegor (France) for 2022 edition and so were we!


On Sunday August 7th, Impala partnered with the 4th edition of the Little Festival.
On the menu: electro music, street art, rollerskating and lots of fun... 


For the occasion people had the chance to try rollerskating with our Quad Skates and protections, discover our newest products such as the Samira Skates but also get some tips from Coraline,
a professional rollergirl from Bordeaux.


The luckiest ones even got spoiled with 2 pairs of skates through a competition on the Festival Instagram account.


It was great to connect with all the festival goers and share some good vibes.
We can't wait for the next edition!