Impala blog 23 February 2022 1 min read

Inline Skates Tested by This Is Soul

Inline Skates Tested by This Is Soul
Some questions about our inline skates? 

How do Impala skates fit ? Are they comfortable ? Which material are they made from ? Are breaks included with inline skates ? In a video posted on their Youtube channel, the shop This is Soul from Amsterdam answers to any question you can have.

A detailed analysis made by a pro who has checked any essential aspect of inline skates. Find the full review on Impala inline skates in the video below.


A big thank you to This is Soul for this detailed review of our Pink/Yellow skates 😊 
Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or confirmed, do not hesitate to share your thoughts by leaving a comment under the video.
You’ll find all the other inline colorways available here.
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