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Inline skates tricks and tips for beginners

Inline skates tricks and tips for beginners
It feels great to glide back and forward on inline skates, especially if you’re a beginner learning how to skate. It even feels better when you're a beginner who can pull a few more tricks. You’re in the right place if that’s the information you’re looking for. Here are the best tricks and tips you might want to try as a novice.

1. T-Stop
During your training, you need to know this trick for many reasons. First, not all inline skates come with brake pads. Therefore, you should have other ways to stop. The other reason is the T-stop is one of the best ways to stop.
To pull this trick, you should stand in a T form and let your front feet forward while the back foot stays in position. Once you do that, just get back to position with your front feet.
Try this many times before using the T-stop technique to break. From there, lift up one of your feet, and place it in a T-position at the back of the remaining feet. It’ll get better as you keep practicing.

2. Sprint Inline Skating
It’s hard to fathom how fast you can go on online skates. Instead of wondering, you should learn how to sprint. Just like running on a rollerblade, you should begin with short strides before transitioning to longer ones as you gain momentum. You can practice this trick at a skatepark.
You’ll be in an upright position while you begin to stake. At this time, you’ll focus more on pushing quickly. Do between 6 and 8 short strides and then start doing longer ones.
The usual skating position will come automatically as you begin to take longer strides. Your upper body will be straight and slightly bent over your skates, while your knees will stay bent.
You can start by learning how to spring on rollerblades. Keep practicing, and you'll eventually get better. It’ll also be easier to turn while performing this trick.

3. The Heel-toe Trick
This is one of the most attractive tricks you can pull in public and get the attention you're looking for. Hell-toe trick involves gliding on the toe of one skate and the heel of another. It might seem harder to pull, but it shouldn't be hard to do.
As you begin, you should balance your weight between the roller blades, and your feet should be in a scissor position. From there, one foot should stand some distance ahead of the other one.
You now want to straighten your front leg, and the toe should go up as you do that and keep the wheel at the heel on the ground.
Glide along and bend the back leg as you push your back foot backward. Doing the will elevate the rear wheels. Now that's a heal-toe trick, and you can have someone assist you for protections from injuries.

4. Skating on One Foot
As you work on becoming one of the best skaters, you should also work on your balance. Many people prefer skating on one foot because it improves their balance.
This is one of the easiest tricks you can pull whenever you want. Begin by skating forward as you normally do. Once you've gained enough speed, you can lift one of your feet as you shift your body weight to the other.
You might not be able to do this for long at the start. But it's huge progress if you skate on one foot, even for a second. However, you should focus on your balance.
Suppose you're not sure of your safety, try to keep the hanging foot down to increase stability and support, especially when you've started to feel like you're losing balance.

5. Forward Slalom Skating
To pull this trick, you need at least five cones. Try to place them 1.5 meters apart. As your skills improve, you can even place the cones a little bit closer to challenge yourself with the rollers on.
Start by rollerskating forward to build some speed. Once you get close to the cones, place your skates in a scissors stance. Make sure that your right foot is slightly forward. Ride around the cones and get back to the scissor stance but this time, your left foot should be slightly forward.
Keep repeating this until you feel that you have the right skills. Once you get better, you can even pull this trick without the cones, and you'll look cool.

Final Thoughts
These are some of the best staking tricks for beginners you should consider trying. For safety, make sure you put on safety gear, especially when learning how to turn. The wheels are sturdy, so you can be sure that they won’t spoil as you try new ways to have fun with your skates during a roller disco. We understand that there’re a few more tricks for beginners, but you should start with these ones.