Impala blog 21 September 2022 2 min read


Following the success of the Rose Gold collaboration roller skate in 2019, Impala is excited to launch the brand new Marawa x Impala High Heel Roller Skate - the perfect mix of fashion and skating, two of Marawa’s favourite things!
Marawa has been creating custom, one-off high heeled skates since 2010 and has now teamed up with Impala to design and create the first ever commercially available high heeled skate, inspired by poppy flowers and her disco wardrobe. 
“These are best for grand entrances, performances and when you really want to make an impression” says Marawa.
The skate features a user-friendly boot shape with side zip, to ensure stability atop the 8 cm heel. 
Impala worked closely to design every aspect of the boot, with Marawa doing regular product testing during the design phase.
“Every aspect was considered to make this skate every bit as beautiful as it is functional”, a spokesperson from Impala says. 
Born and raised in Melbourne, the design references Marawa’s performances around the world and her time in southern California.
“The skate feels very much about my time in LA… the colours of the skate really draw on that amazing LA sky line and’ fields of poppies that you get in Spring” says Marawa.
This vegan-friendly skate boasts an 8cm high heel, gold hardware, orange sparkle trucks and baseplate, light-up orange sparkle wheels, orange glitter PU brake stopper, matching laces along with custom Marawa printed boot lining. 
The Impala x Marawa High Heeled Skate will be available from September 2022.
See you on the rink!



- 8cm high heel
-  Custom Marawa printed lining
-  Gold coated metal speed lace eyelets and hardware
-  Orange sparkle coated aluminium alloy trucks and baseplate
-  Light-up orange sparkle Marawa wheels
-  58mm 82A durometer nylon core urethane wheels
-  ABEC 7 bearings
-  Orange glitter PU brake stopper
-  Custom Impala x Marawa box packaging and postcard
-  Orange sparkle laces
-  Vegan friendly

Marawa is a roller skater, hula hooper, designer, writer, artist and performer. Marawa was inducted into the Guinness World Record Hall of Fame in 2022 and currently holds 12 world records, including the most hoops – 200 at once! Originally from Melbourne Australia, Marawa has performed all over the world and now spends her time between in LA and London. Marawa owns 6 pairs of custom high heeled roller skates that she performs in. She has always dreamt of creating a commercially available high heeled skate and in 2022 this became a reality when she teamed up with Impala for a second roller skate collaboration. Inspired by her love of disco, Marawa worked closely with Impala to design a heeled skate that is as beautiful as it is user-friendly.