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Old school cruiser skateboards 

Perfect for cruising around, or even for your daily commute, our range of women’s cruiser skateboards is sure to have something for you. Made with a durable Resin-7 hard rock maple, each of our cruiser designs features a mellow concave that offers control and added stability. They also feature Tensor alloy trucks and our signature ABEC-7 pink rubber shield bearings. Our cruiser skateboards are designed to last, with a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing faults.

What is cruiser skating?

Cruiser skating is an easy and funny way to move around. It’s perfect for slalom too. If you wonder how to ride a cruiser skate, you just need to understand the philosophy of it: it’s all about enjoying life, taking your time, finding your pace and having fun! This is a chill way of skating to value every moment.

How to ride a cruiser skate?

A cruiser skate allows you to move around quickly and easily. However, you need to know how to ride it first. Here are a few tips:

★     Make sure your equipment is in good condition. Check the wheels conditions and tighten up the screws.
★     Look out for the road. A smaller board means less balance. Look out for small rocks and obstacles on the road, they could make you lose your balance. Avoid sand and water to keep your bearings in good condition.

★     Keep the trunk straight and well-balanced over your board. Bend the knees, lower your gravity center and ride both feet parallels. To push, put your front foot straight, towards the board, then push on the ground with the other foot.

How to brake with a cruiser?

There’re a few techniques to brake with a cruiser skate: Foot braking and Tail braking.

Foot braking: While rolling, keep your front foot on the board in direction of the road. Slowly put your back foot flat on the ground to decelerate. Make sure to keep it flat not to lose your balance.

Tail braking: This technique is a bit harder but quicker. Slide your back foot to the tail of your board, heel out. Move your body weight to the back while bending your front knee then do a quick push on the tail. This will make it scrape the ground and slow you down.


Cruiser skating is an ecological and fun mean of transport. It is also a sport you can practice at every age. If you want to get a cruiser skate, discover our different skates here.

Cruiser designs created in collaboration with all-female artists and illustrators

Impala Skate is driven by a team of girls, and our skateboard range features artwork from some of our favourite artists and illustrators. We’ve collaborated with digital artist Martina Martian on our Athena Cruiserboard to create a unique design inspired by empowerment and positivity. Whether it’s at the beach, through the local streets or in the skate park – it’s all about having fun.