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Roller Skating is for Everyone!

Skating is for everyone, whether it’s at the beach, the rink, in the streets, or at the skatepark. Impala is driven by a team of girls with a passion for women’s roller skating. Our roller skates range features exclusive collaborations with some of our favourite female artists/designers, including Marawa the Amazing.

Our women’s roller skates are designed to be the perfect recreational skate for beginner to intermediate skaters. Featuring a cast aluminium baseplate, precision ABEC-7 bearings with our signature pink covers, 58mm 82A urethane wheels, and long wearing stoppers for safe ‘grab-free’ braking. See our full range of fun and colourful women’s retro-inspired skates here!


How to brake on quad roller skates for women?

If you are a beginner in quad roller skating, it is important to know how to brake. There are two main ways to brake on women quad skates. The first one is to block with the front wheel in a progressive way to lose speed while the second one is to take bigger turns during slaloms for slowing down. Of course, if you are a beginner, it is important to be aware of the different techniques for your safety ; you can find advices about starting to skates as a women on our blog or with online tutorials.

Does quad roller skating help loosing weight?

Roller skating is a great activity to exercise while having fun. Like any other physical activity, stimulates the metabolism and therefore helps losing weight. Buttocks and legs muscles are stimulated which contribute to toning up these areas. A regular practice together with a healthy diet contributes to loosing weight.

Retro Quad Skates for Women

Our women’s roller skates also run true-to-size. To get the perfect fit, we recommend converting from women's EU sizing. For those used to US sizing and looking for a half size, we recommend going up to the next full US size.