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Women’s skateboards for the streets and skatepark

Skating is all about having fun, and there is something for everyone in our skateboard range – an assortment of shapes and sizes for skating the streets and skatepark, or cruising. Check out our range of complete skateboards, cruiser boards and longboards for girls available in a range of colours and designs. We have the basics covered with our selection of blue, yellow, purple and pink skateboards. Our cruiser boards range includes old school shapes for cruising with confidence, riding pools, or shredding the streets.

Cute skateboard designs by all-female artists

Impala Skate is driven by a team of girls and our range features artwork from some of our favourite artists and illustrators, including cute skateboard designs by Robin Eisenberg (LA), Art Baby Girl (NYC), Surfy Birdy (Florida), Pea The Feary (USA), Martina Martian (Europe) and Elroseabel (Melbourne).
We care about our impact, and endeavour to create a product that is conscious of this. We are mindful of every detail throughout all stages of design and production – from the materials and sourcing to the manufacturing processes that we use. We have partnered with the National Forest Foundation to donate to their tree-planting program – planting three trees for every one tree we harvest in the making of our skateboards.